AUTHENTICATION (By Appointment only)

Authentication Service strictly by appointment only, please respect timing and be punctual

We provide authentication service for the Swiss luxury watch industry and offer our services to anyone who needs to know if their watch is authentic or not. We work on a scientific manner based on Swiss methodology which guarantees consistent and repeatable results every time. Customers are welcome to voice their concerns and we will address them accordingly and professionally. Condition of watches can also be checked at the same time as an additional request at a small fee. Water resistant check is always carried out as part of the authentication process at no charge. Report writing is not possible as with industry practice so please do not ask.

​Price:   S$150 per watch for authentication (add S$50 for checking of condition with print-out of timing result )

Currently providing authentication for the following organizations :
- Singapore Airport Police (no charge , as part of national service)
- Singapore Police Division HQ (no charge , as part of national service)
- Audit firms for listed Pawnbrokers
- Insurance underwriters 

For high jewelry watches or precious jewelry, additional checks may be requested by you and will carried out by our in-house gemologist with following qualification, and any additional charges will be communicate before we proceed.

  • GIA, HRD Graduate Gemologist

  • GIA, HRD diamond grader
  • IRAS Licensed Appraisal AD041-2008928H
  • Registered Master Valuer #22003

19 TANGLIN ROAD #06-27, Tanglin Shopping Centre, SINGAPORE 247909

Monday - Friday: 12:00pm - 7:00pm   /   Saturday: 10:00pm - 6:00pm (GMT+8)

All technical service end half hour before closing time - Please come early

​Sunday and public holidays: Close

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Our team

Daniel Koh

Assistant watchmaker

Swiss polisher

Edmund Teo

Client advisor

Swiss SAV relations specialist

We are not affiliated to, or an authorized agent for, any of the other timepiece manufacturers whose timepieces are featured here. Timepiece photos shown in this website are taken from actual timepieces worked on by us in-house and as reference to our experience.

We are not affiliated to, or an authorized agent for, any of the other timepiece manufacturers whose timepieces are featured here. Timepiece photos shown in this website are taken from actual timepieces worked on by us in-house and as reference to our experience.

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Our Milestone in a few words - click here to see full history

2002 - Started business in the Swiss luxury watch industry

2006 - Established WATCH KLINIK
2009 - WATCH KLINIK converted to WATCH KLINIK Pte Ltd
2010 - Received ISO 9001: 2008 Certification - First after-sales service organisation to be accredited by TÜV SÜD PSB in the world

            WATCH KLINIK rebrand to LUXURY TIMEPIECES SERVICES, continue to operate under WATCH KLINIK Pte Ltd
2014 - Upgraded and equipped every service bench with new Leica research microscopes, Witschi Top-Range Q1, X1 and                              Proofmaster M testing and diagnosis instrument and all cleaning and ultrasonic machines to ELMA flagship models.

            LUXURY TIMEPIECES SERVICES rebrand to HOROLAB, continue to operate under WATCH KLINIK Pte Ltd
2017 - Established SwissLab and SwissSAV with Swiss manufacturers

2018 - HoroLab rebrand to SwissLab, continue to operate under WATCH KLINIK Pte Ltd

Bob Foo

Client advisor
Swiss SAV portal/logistic specialist

William Tan

Technical supervisor

Swiss watchmaker

Swiss Luxury Watch Specialists

Dixon Quek

Assistant watchmaker

Abdelelah Jafar

Complications specialist

Swiss watchmaker

What do we do? 

We work on Swiss made watches and specialize in Swiss luxury watches with a private department handling Swiss high jewelry timepieces. Our work on mechanical timepieces includes service, repair and restoration. For quartz or battery operated timepieces, we provide on-the-spot quick battery change, servicing of movement or original replacement, with all original Swiss batteries and movements directly from Switzerland.

We authenticate Swiss luxury watches and provide service for all their related SAV and MRO processes. Our lab also do research on cleaning solutions, oil and lubricants, adhesive and chemicals used in the Swiss watch industry. We have special interest in precision timing (chronometry), fault and failure analysis, Swiss manufacturing and production, analysis of manufactured parts, high jewelry timepieces making process and their setting and repair. We are also looking for partners to provide training and education for the next generation.

What brands do we work on? 

We work on all brands of Swiss made watches. However, we specialized in complicated and high jewelry watches. We are independent Swiss watchmakers trained by the Swiss watch industry in Switzerland. We receive formal training in WOSTEP Switzerland, a school and foundation sponsored by the Swiss luxury watch industry. There, we received training on all aspect of Swiss luxury watches. We receive further specialized training from major Swiss manufacturers of Swiss made watch movements and regularly visit major Swiss watch brands in Switzerland to update and refresh our training.

Our connection with the Swiss watch industry allows us to provide the highest standard of Swiss watch after-sales service or SAV as we call it in the Swiss watch industry.

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What can we do?

We can solve any issues related to Swiss luxury watches. Feel free to visit us with any watch related issue and we will be able to help you. However, please do not call us to ask for estimates or quotation, ball park figures or roughly how much to fix a problem - whatever we tell you without seeing your watch and it's issue is wasting your time.

Quotation or estimate is free most of the time and if there are any charges, we will let you know before we proceed so you don't have to worry about our charges. And we charge based on labor, complexity of the work or expertise required and parts cost. We don't charge by brand so you don't worry if your watch is more or less expensive.

Hong Jie

Workshop assistant

Only genuine Swiss watchmaking facility, methodology, parts and original batteries can ensure longevity and value of your watches